Home care refers to any type of care (medical or non-medical) that is provided for the client in their home. In recent years, however, there has been a slight shift in terminology. While home care can be used to describe both medical and non-medical care, typically "home care" refers to non-medical care such as companionship/homemaking services and personal care services, while "home healthcare" refers to the provision of nursing care and other care such as speech, physical or occupational therapy. Simply Grey care services can be tailored to be home care and home healthcare services, depending on the needs of care recipient.

Simply Grey provides a wide spectrum of services from home care to home health care services.  Home care services include companionship services, healthy meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, running of errands, medical escort, medication reminders, grooming and respite care. We also provide personal care services such as bathing, grooming, hygiene care, mobility assistance, transferring and positioning assistance, toileting and incontinence care and feeding assistance. We also provide Dementia care, palliative care, post operation care and care for adults and children  with disabilities. Our services can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of each care recipient. 

Our team of caregivers consist of special people we call SG Care Angels.  They are employed to join our team after we carefully select them and deem them to have the passion and kindness to provide care for others in need of our assistance. Every SG Care Angel undergoes a rigorous screening process including background and reference checks. We understand the concerns of our clients as caregivers go into their homes to take care of their loved ones.  After they are selected, we ensure they have the appropriate training before they are assigned to our clients.  In addition, our SG Care Angels are insured for our clients’ peace of mind. At Simply Grey, we strive to hire the very best caregivers to become SG Care Angels.  We only want people we would select to care for our own loved ones.

Our Care Angels have numerous years of relevant experience. They have taken care of individuals with differing needs in institutional and/ or home settings. Most are able to communicate in local dialects making bonding and communication with the elderly, easier. We have Care Angels with different experience and specialisation. For example, some specialise in taking care of children with special needs. Others have in-depth experience with palliative care or dementia care.

Simply Grey does extra due diligence during the initial assessment or conversation to obtain more infomation on the needs and preferences of every care recipient. With the additional information and our experience, we are able to better manage expectations and assign a suitable Care Angel to meet each client's needs. 

The cost of in-home care can also be customised according to the requirements of the care recipient and the financial budget of the client. Our Client Care Director will meet with the care recipient in the home environment or discuss with the cliient via a call, depending on the complexities of the case, to determine what exactly is required and advise on the care plan and cost accordingly. Indicatively, our charges start from $21 per hour.

Yes. Our services are available for as short as 2 hours for each visit to as long as the care recipient requires. We are available for consultation and to offer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on public holidays.  Our team is also available to assist with procedures like wound dressing any time of the day.

Yes. Simply Grey can provide companionship or personal care services to patients and residents living in medical institutions and nursing homes.  We usually receive such requests from patients who desire additional attention or personalised care like care in a hosptial in the night when patients with dementia are unable to sleep.

Yes we develop an individualised and completely confidential care plan after we meet with or discuss exact requirements with the care recipient and/ or family members. The objective is to clearly specify the type of care services needed. Once the client and our Client Care Director agree on the plan of care, we will use that information to assign the SG Care Angel who is the most suitable to deliver the services required.

The plan of care will be reviewed and changed as soon as modifications are deemed necessary. The assigned SG Care Angel provides our Care Team Head with regular updates on the condition of the Care Recipient.  Any modifications to care plan, if needed, will be done in consultation with the care recipient and/ or his family members. The review is an important process to ensure the client is receiving the appropriate level of care at all times and is satisfied with the care that the assigned SG Care Angel is providing.

Our SG Care Angels work in teams and one team will be dedicated to taking care of you.  In the team, we have primary and back up caregivers to ensure you have uninterrupted care. During the initial conversation, our Client Care Director will document the services required and the client's preferences. Based on the information provided, we select the most suitable caregiver/s for you and will provide you with introductory information on your SG Care Angels before the start of the care period. 

We adopt a team approach so your care will not be interrupted if your Care Angel falls sick or goes on vacation. If your SG Care Angel is unavailable, our Case Team will arrange for the secondary caregiver to take care of you and will inform you in advance of the change. The secondary caregiver will also be familiar with your care plan. Our goal is to ensure that care services are provided as agreed. Your well-being and safety are our priorities.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) include the basic tasks essential for day-to-day functioning, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, mobility and toileting. Many seniors who require help with such activities are largely independent, but may require help with one or two ADLs. In some cases, intermittent help from a family member or friend may be all that is needed. However, in many cases, informal care arrangements may not be adequate as family or friends are not consistently available and the routine timing of ADLs is important for the well being of seniors.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) are considered those activities which are less basic than ADLs. IADLs, nevertheless, are important in enhancing a person’s quality of life. IADLs include activities such as shopping, paying bills, cleaning, doing laundry and meal preparation. Many seniors require assistance with IADLs rather than ADLs as these usually require some travelling and more effort. Some seniors want someone to escort them when they are shopping and help them avoid situations that may cause them to fall. Other seniors may welcome assistance with bill paying and medical appointments. Simply Grey offers an array of companionship and concierge services to assist our clients with IADLs.

Please call us and let us know your interest. We will send you a registration form to complete and provide us with the essential information. Based on the details that you provide, we will put together a plan of care and reach out to you for a discussion.  During our conversation, we will also discuss the budget and charges for the care service.  At the same time, we will tentatively assign a suitable caregiver based on the information provided and the availability of our caregivers.


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