Personal Care Services

Showering, Grooming and Hygiene Care

SG Care Angels can assist with personal grooming and hygiene care so care recipients look and feel their best, enhancing their mental and physical well-being

Mobility Assistance

Immobility often leads to frustrations and anxiety. We alleviate those negative emotions by providing our care recipients with mobility assistance and offering support and stability to ensure that they stay safe and feel secure at all times. 

Transferring and Positioning Assistance

Our caregivers are trained to move and place clients in correct and comfortable posture positions to promote safety and proper functioning of the body systems. Proper transferring and positioning from or into beds, chairs and commodes eliminate pressure areas and sores on the body, reduce weakening and stiffening of muscles, and encourage proper breathing, digestion and waste elimination. Very importantly, care recipients who are properly and regularly positioned feel more comfortable and less frustrated when facing their physical limitations and illnesses.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

With sensitivity and empathy, SG Care Angels can help maintain the dignity and self-esteem of care recipients  that is usually affected by the loss of independence relating to incontinence and the need for toileting assistance.  Timely and regular toileting assistance and diaper changes helps to keep the care recipient comfortable and free of sores. 

Preparation of Special Diet and Feeding 

We assist our clients with their meals, ensuring that they receive proper nutrition.  Where special dietary requirements or dietary restrictions are necessary, our caregivers are careful to observe them when preparing the meals or feeding the care recipients.  SG Care Angels are also trained to patiently encourage the elderly to consume their meals when they lack the appetite to do so.  When seniors have difficulties with swallowing or chewing, our caregivers will remain at their side  throughout meal time and take the necessary precautions to prevent choking. 


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