Companionship Services


Whether its conversation or indoor and outdoor activities, or running an errand together, having a familiar friendly face come by regularly can make an individual happier and healthier.  Our SG Care Angels are the familiar friendly faces for many care recipients.

Escort Services and Incidental Transportation Services

Our care service enables clients to safely leave the house for medical appointments, hair appointments, shopping and to do whatever they desire to do.  Clients can engage our incidental transportation service or take taxi/ private hire cars with our caregivers.

Medication Checks and Reminders

Gentle reminders for timely and accurate  consumption of medication are always helpful for clients to stay compliant with their medication requirements.  Regular monitoring of medication intake is especially useful for clients with normal loss of memory associated with aging and those suffering from dementia.

Meal Preparation

Our caregivers have the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare nutritious and well-balanced meals for our clients. For care recipients with dietary restrictions and requirements like requiring thickener in their liquids, SG Care Angels are trained to follow these requirements strictly and to customise the food and drinks intake accordingly. 

Respite Care or Relief for Family

We assist family members in the care of their loved ones so that you can enjoy quality time together, or just get some much-needed rest. Our caregivers can also take over the care when everyday helpers need to take some time off or are out on their scheduled off days. Respite care can be carried out inside the home or when the family goes for outings together.


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